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logo designIs your Sutton business looking at biomass boilers as a way to reduce its dependency on fossil fuels?

Fossil fuels have facilitated a huge amount of progress over the last two hundred years.  But with the risk of climate change and the development of sustainable energy, the time has come for us to leave these limited reserves of oil, coal and natural gas in the ground.

So if you are planning to install a new energy system into your Sutton industrial or commercial facility a biomass boiler is the smart, contemporary choice.

Fossil fuels are a finite energy resource. Biomass fuel is easily and relatively quickly renewable.  It is readily available and can even be produced from wood waste that would otherwise end up in landfill sites.

And the beauty of biomass fuel (organic matter such as wood, crops and plants) is that when it is grown it produces oxygen and reduces the carbon dioxide in the air, offsetting the CO2 emissions produced when operating biomass boilers.

Plus there are no risks of oil spillages and biomass fuel is less vulnerable to political factors.

It is for these reasons that the Government is encouraging Sutton businesses to switch to biomass boilers through the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentives Scheme.

At Mill-Tech Global Ltd we can help you find the best biomass boiler solution to suit the needs of your Sutton industry or commercial enterprise, reducing your dependency on fossil fuels.

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To find out more about our biomass supply and installation service, or to get advice on whether it could be the right choice for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly team are waiting to speak to you.

We buy wood chippings

Here at Mill-Tech Engineering, we’re really keen to promote the benefits of biomass energy to our customers and to play our part in maximising the availability of biomass fuels. To this end, we are always interested in buying wood chippings from organisations such as timber companies and tree surgeons.

This can be a win-win situation for your company, as we recycle your waste products which minimises your carbon footprint and improves your environmental friendliness. In addition, you can create an income stream from wood chippings you’d otherwise have to dispose of, thereby improving your bottom line. We are approved by the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL), which means your company can choose to trade with us with confidence.

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