Kalvis boilers are an ideal solution for larger sized residential and industrial clients, as well as for supplying heat for technological needs. They create excellent biomass boilers and other solutions, allowing biomass plants to be built from components.

We offer these boilers and biomass heating components
for biomass projects:

  • RHI-approved boilers
  • Walking floor solutions
  • Spring agitators
  • Small biomass fuel storage silos
  • multi cyclones for flue gas cleaning
  • Fluegas motors
  • Feeding augers with automation
  • Scraper woodchip conveyors

Fuel types that can be used include saw dust, wood chips, pellets, compressed peat, grain waste, grain and other fuels.

Boiler island solution

Our Kalvis boiler island solution is a combined heat and power option, allowing CHP units which produce electricity via ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) technology. We can create an optimal solution proposal which meets all your requirements, deliver the boiler island, and install your new boiler island. We offer on-site support throughout the installation and commissioning process and will deliver full training on handover.

Key features:

  • 8% minimum power (eg 80-999kw) means boiler can run 24/7 – more efficient and no stressful cold starts
  • High fuel moisture content (up to 40%)
  • An RHI-approved solution
  • A-Grade wastewood fuel can be used
  • Domestic hot water can be made available via separate heat exchanger directly from the boiler
  • Automated controls produced by Omron
  • Competitively priced

Modular biomass plantrooms

Kalvis modular biomass plantroom solutions provide a pre-fabricated heating station, which can be installed quickly and easily. We fully supervise and manage all aspects of installation, which delivery straight to your site from the assembly plant.

Key features:

  • Ideal for quick and easy installation
  • Automated controls produced by Omron
  • High fuel moisture content (up to 40%)
  • Competitively priced
  • Different wood fuel options
  • Combined heat and power (CHP) option available

Steam biomass CHP plants

Our KPA Unicorn steam biomass CHP plants offer world-leading patented solutions for 5-60MWth biomass range. They are ideal for large-scale biomass plant solutions. We can bring our expertise to your large-scale biomass plant project, helping you find the right solution and managing all aspects of installation and commissioning.

Key features:

  • Patented Biograte combustion, a highly efficient process
  • High fuel moisture content (up to 60%)
  • CHP plants with turbine islands

Terminal chipping

This is the best way to produce high-volume biomass for CHP plants. Saalasti solutions is a simple and efficient biomass fuel process, which creates much more competitive price per kW/h. We can assist you in feasibility studies and biomass project plans involving terminal chipping.

Key features:

  • Processing capacity up to 140 tonnes per hour
  • Automatic chipping line
  • Electrical motors
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Horizontal and vertical feeding
  • Robust technology


A world-leading solution for biogas production, Envor Protech HLAD (High Load Anaerobic Digestion) can meet the needs of all biodegradable waste treatment. The process produces natural biogas and nutrient-rich fertilisers from the waste.

Delivery can be tailored to your needs, including treatment and purification systems for biogas, as well as drying, pelleting and packing units for different end products. We believe this solution offers excellent value, with a higher biogas production rate and lower investment cost.

Key features:

  • Economically viable for over 10,000 t/a (or over 1500 tDS/a)
  • High energy yield and low life cycle cost represents excellent value
  • Suitable for all biodegradable feedstock
  • Production is steady, safe and reliable
  • End products are pure, mature and rich in nutrients
  • CHP, electricity and/or gas production
  • Solutions can be flexible and tailored to your unique needs.

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